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from 1992 until 2003 Earzumba used to be known under the alias "C.D."
Lens cleaner trio it was a session inbetween earzumba( synths) marcelo aguirre (drums) and Jose marchi (gtr).Later was manipUlated and heavily processed by earzumba.
It was released march 2001 in vinyl by The Ceiling label, Canadá.

It'd be interesting to know how LENS CLEANER TRIO pigeonhole themselves - do they see themselves as Jazz Progressives who have left the more traditional trappings of that music way behind and settled instead for clashing guitar, whining noise and Dubby drum treatments? Or do they see themselves as Neo-Classical Abstractionists, building gargantuan monsters out of overdriven guitar and reverberated noise? Or are they post-Industrial sound artists who wish to weave an intriguing and often cacophonous web around the listener? If you can run the album to ground, you could find out for yourself. From clusters of busy noise, through long phrases of harsh, edgy ambient noise, to nerve-grating outbursts, this group go out of their way to make things uncomfortable for the casual listener.

While the majority of the first side is structured and mostly rhythmic, the flip side tends overall more towards shapeless drones and drifts, with only the final two tracks adding their mutant structures of rhythm to the mix, and these only briefly.

Subtle it ain't - their mixes are straffed with old school fx which give the overall picture a cold, dehumanized feel - where off-white noise touches the hem of metal, long delays and busy reverbs transmute the result into an icy miasma. They fear not to suddenly wreck what they were doing and speed the mix up to hyperdrive.

If the LENS CLEANER TRIO ever make a bid for International Stardom, they won't be doing it with an album like this. Complex, Surreal and alienating music which deems to use a driving, almost tribal rhythm over which to build their Metropolis of greys, colour-washed whites and textures as rough as granite and as smooth as a mortuary slab.

Reviewed by Bonnicon for Metamorphic Journeyman.

twelve-inch that covers the darker realm of pseudo-jazz instrumental and mutated prog-rock by a trio out of Argentina. The trio, comprised of Jose Marchi (guitar), Marcelo Aguirre (drums) and C.D. (electronics), possesses highly skilled musical dexterity to record material and then process their works into articulate madness. This album is the soundtrack to your nightmares; in fact, the sound quality on this album has the distant vast sound that occurs in dreams. Take "Fiestas Voluntarias de Dinero," on side A, which gives the impression of dropping down vast canyons or "Guiso Superespesso," which sounds like someone wandering through a condemned warehouse while mangled wind chimes ring in a burnt-out window frame. On side B, I kept dropping my needle on a bizarre track entitled "Poeta No. 3," which starts off harsh and abrasive to then be stretched out in wide arcs of sound, as if standing next to the motors of an airplane while flying. Despite the innocuous title and name of the group, Lens Cleaner Trio is anything but; this is improv music with sharp teeth. (Ceiling Travel Excursions)
Reviewed I. Khider for exclaim.ca


released April 29, 2015

earzumba( synths)
marcelo aguirre (drums)
Jose marchi (gtr)
sessions manipulated by Earzumba july 1999.



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Earzumba Buenos Aires, Argentina

Earzumba is one of the most daring musicians from Argentina exploring into the fields of sampladelia, pop,free improvisation, electroacoustic,drone and noise.In his work humour,meditation,interpenetration and chaos are always present trying to blur pop and experimental music into one.
His career started in 1991 being an original founding member of reynols.
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